WIA Austarc 13S General Purpose Welding Electrodes

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WIA General Purpose Austarc 13S Welding Electrodes

Austarc 13S is the popular “blue and white striped” general purpose electrode for smooth mitre fillet welding applications. 13S has a soft and stable arc and produces flat, uniform fillet welds with ease and a self peeling slag action.
Austarc 13S is formulated primarily for fillet welding in all down hand positions. It is ideal for the general purpose and structural welding of sheet and plate steels (galvanised or otherwise) and tubular components, including trailers, duct work, hoppers and storage tanks, etc. 
  • General Purpose Rutile Type Electrode
  • Versatile/All Positional (especially vertical up) Capabilities
  • Ideal for Down Hand Fillet Welding of Mild Steel
  • Smooth Performance on Low OCV AC Welding Machines
Flat Position - Fillet Joint Flat Position - Butt Joint Horizontal Position - Fillet Joint Horizontal Position - Butt Joint Vertical Position - Up Overhead Position - Fillet Joint Overhead Position - Butt Joint


  • Tubular Sections
  • Trailers
  • Structural Welding of Sheet and Plate Steel Galvanised or otherwise
  • Storage Tanks
  • Hoppers
  • Duct Work


  • SMAW
  • MMAW


AS/NZS 4855-B - E43 13 A

AWS A5.1:E6013

*All sizes come in 5kg packets and 15kg cartons except 2.0mm & 2.5mm which are in 2.5kg packets and 12.5kg cartons. 


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