Servore Auto-Darkening Welding Goggles

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Servore Auto-Darkening Welding Goggles

   ARC-513 is an auto shade welding goggle designed dynamically and ergonomically according to the facial curves. It is very light, easy to carry around, and wearable together with other protective devices including a helmet and a dust protection mask.

   It is a new concept of protective device for welding made of a shockproof and heat-resistant plastic frame, a very wearable silicon skirt, an air vent system for preventing from getting misted, and hard-coated 3D protective lenses for protection from spatter and shock that maximizes user convenience.

  • Ideal for confined space work, mobile welding, welding inspection.
  • Suitable for: Grinding, Gas Welding & Cutting, ARC, MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA
  • Can be used with hard hats, respiratory protection and a wide range of accessories for maximum protection and fl exibility.
  • Supplied with Rx/magnifying lens frame and features a replaceable silicon shirt designed to fi t comfortably on all face profi les.
  • CE/ANSI/CSA/AS NZ certifi ed. US and other patents pending.
Shade level
Inactivated-Light shade #3
Activated-Dark shade #5,7,9,11 and #13”
 Fixed shade mode Can be set to shade #5 and #7
 Eye protection Full time UV and IR protection to shade 14
 Switching time(light to dark)
 Sensors 2
 Sensitivity adjustment 5 Step adjustment Lo-Hi
 Power supply  3V Lithium (CR2032) 2ea (User replaced)
 Battery life 1000 Hours (Approximately)
 Battery replacement Replaceable (Low battery indicator)
Filter window 44 x 26mm (L,R)
Total weight 140g
Operating temperature -5 to +55
Storage temperature -20 to +70



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