Cebora Sound MMA 2336/T Inverter Stick Welder

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Cebora Sound MMA 2336/T

The three-phase power source SOUND MMA 2336/T allows professional welding of coated electrodes by means of the Hot Start and Arc Force functions, which assure a sophisticated control of short-circuit conditions, and thus of the electrode transfer, which is the parameter that most strongly affects the welding quality.
The power source is also suitable for D.C. TIG / pulsed TIG welding with “Cebora lift ignition”.
The machine program is stored in the flash memory, and may therefore be upgraded.
A connector is included to connect the remote control for the current and digital ammeter to read the welding current.
Complies with EN 61000-3-12.
The power source can be powered by motor generators.
  • 10 - 230 Amp stick welder.
  • 415 Volt, Three phase.
  • Can use 1.5mm - 4.0mm electrodes.
  • Lift Arc TIG.
  • Lightweight & shockproof case.
  • Only 15.7kg Net weight
  • Complete with 4m stick lead set.

Technical Data


Art. 643 Specifications S CE
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415V 50/60 Hz


Three phase input

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40 A 25 A

(230 V) (400 V)

Fuse rating (slow blow)

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15.9 KVA 40%

10.7 KVA 60%

7.6 KVA 100%

Input power

campo di regolazione corrente

35A ÷ 400A

Min.-max. current that can be obtained in welding

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350A 40%
290A 60%

220A 100%

Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974.1

Regolazione continua


Number of regulation steps

Filo utilizzabile

0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2 Fe
0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2 Al
0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2 Inox/
0.9 Cu-Si 3%

Wire size that can be used

Elettrodi utilizzabili

Ø 300 mm / 15 Kg

Max. wire spool size

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IP 21 S

Protection class

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90 Kg


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Dimensions mm


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